The Admirable Qualities of a Good Husband

Different article writers, authors or even bloggers will have diverse definitions, views or opinions on the qualities of a good husband. It may seem like an easy topic to discuss or talk about, but the depth of the subject matter is too profound. Typically, a married woman would define a good husband long before they are even married. This thought is for women who want a happy-ever-after love story. For it is every woman’s dream to find the perfect man to be her husband.

For one, a good husband is a reflection of his wife. Some may agree while others may not, but this is insanely true. The way a woman treats her man and vice versa, is by far the biggest expression of their love and affection to each other. A good husband is only a by-product of a good wife.

However, there are certain qualities a woman is looking for in a man. This is the same scenario with a wife, who only wants a good husband to take care of her and their children. But, how do you even define a good husband? It is like interpreting a line from a song that says: “how do you catch a cloud and pin it down?”

There is no such thing as a perfect wife or husband, only individuality and differences. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, only fleeting ones. But, there is such thing as uniqueness, distinctiveness and respect.

A good husband is an excellent provider. He provides for the needs of his family be it in financial, moral spiritual or emotional aspects of life. He knows how to support his family especially in times of distress and problems. He is there to bring happiness to a family he is nurturing. Also, a good husband is a better listener than a talker. He listens without questioning and understands that every moment in their family’s life is precious and worth the two ears he has. But it does not mean that he cannot communicate. He also has the authority to speak without being tyrannical, for he knows he is the master of the house, and being a master means being a gentle follower as well.

A good husband is honest, loyal and faithful. He should be a one-woman-man that falls in love with the same woman over and over again. He needs to be steadfast and dedicated to his wife and children. An admirable husband avoids arguments. But if arguments happen (this can never be avoided in a lifetime), he knows how to apologize and humbles himself for the mistakes he has committed. He should be sensitive enough in the sense that he knows how to respect the feelings of the people that surround him.

Moreover, a good husband is patient and can adapt to changes positively. People change physically and so does the world. Changes are necessary for people to grow in a relationship. A good husband should not be tempted to give up and find an easy way out of a relationship. He should know how to adapt to changes and accept things the way they are. People do change for the better.

Lastly, a commendable husband is a person who has loving heart and a God-fearing person. He loves and honors his family as well as the creator of heaven and earth. He must be a good example to his children. He must be a reflection of reliability and capability. He must be the source of strength of his family. He must be an image of a perfect father. He must be the husband his wife imagined him to be.

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Signs You Need Couples Therapy

The woman you once loved has started to change, and you are noticing that she is not the same woman you moved in with many years ago. When this woman looks at you, you feel as though you have done something wrong, but you are completely innocent. You know you are only doing what you normally do, but for some reason the person you love dearly has been looking at you with something other than love in her eyes. You both may need to seek out couples counseling, to try and figure out what the problem is between you.

When Love Starts to Go Wrong
Your life together started out as something straight out of a fairy tale. You both had such passion about one another, and the many things that you both had in common. However, now time has gone by and things have changed between you. You may need counseling, but you are not sure if signs are there that there is really something wrong.

Your fighting is non-stop: Though it is normal for all couples to disagree once in a while, if the fighting has gotten to be so frequent that you two cannot even speak to one another without the fighting continuing, then this is a sign you need to seek out couples counseling. Everyone disagrees at some point in their relationship, but it should not take over the entire relationship.

You no longer have intimate time together: One of the most important times that a couple spends together is the time they are intimate. There is something beautiful and magical about being intimate with someone else, and the fact that you both have neither the time nor the interest is a problem. Being intimate is the one time when a couple only has to worry about being with one another, and the rest of the world disappears. However, the fact that you both are not interested is a problem that the counsellor will sort out with you.

The effort to work things out is gone: There is an old saying that it takes two people to tango, and this is true when it comes to relationships as well. Two people have to be willing to work on things in order for the relationship to be a loving and lasting partnership. If one or the both of you are not willing to make things change, than this is a clear sign that there is a problem that needs to be resolved with the help of a professional.

You and the woman you love have been together for a long time, but now things are different. The love and passion seem to be gone replaced by something that is more like hate and disdain for one another. In order for things to get back to how they were, couples counselling London can help make things right again. A professional counselor can meet up with the both of you, help you figure things out, and make your relationship like it was in the very beginning when love was fresh, new, and exciting.

The Christian Grey Phenomenon: BDSM Dating Goes Online

Inspired by E.L. James’ book, Fifty Shades of Grey, many people are now very interested in both BDSM and fetish dating sites. It has brought intense curiosity, interest and fascination to many people regarding BDSM activities of which are caused by the book’s detailed portrayal on them. This phenomenon is known to many as the “Christian Grey Phenomenon” or the “Fifty Shades of Grey Phenomenon”.

BDSM often describes a range of sexual expressions that involve a sensual exchange of power between partners during their sexual activities. The acronym stands for bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism on which a role playing of dominance and submission are being involved. Some people who are engaged in BDSM activities claim that most of those happened in their minds first and most often, those role playing activities are the not-so-interesting sexual fantasies. In order to fully understand BDSM, one must remember that it is a wide range of sexual behavior where both parties are participating and power play is involved.

For those who are looking to date a person participating in BDSM activities, it is a good idea to look for some BDSM dating sites first, for it is very challenging to look for someone who likes BDSM activities in person. There are only few of these sites available today since they are only intended for fewer markets and to those singles who are specifically interested. These sites may also upset some viewers because most of them contain many pornographic images, it is very important that you must be at least eighteen years old before you can join. Another reminder is that, you must always consider your safety before joining. Some members may have criminal background relating to these activities. This is the reason why a site review is very important. Below is a short review, one of the most popular BDSM dating sites today.
The site is owned and managed by Various, Inc. and was started on May 2, 1995. It has almost two million members today and almost four thousand are online every day. It has already gained 991 Facebook likes. Worldwide, it ranked number 2 in Alternative Dating category and number 69 for All Dating Sites category. Signing up is free but you can only join if you are eighteen and above.

It offers some very useful features like chat, groups, magazines, videos and blogs. It has an active community and the Browse section where you can look and find other members in your locality that might be also looking for someone nearby. Its Magazine section offers some sex related advice for its members. You can also join the different groups and meet with different people who have the same interest with you. The Video section contains several adult videos that came from the members themselves. Just a reminder, just like other dating sites, does not conduct any criminal background screening on its members. It is adviced that you must be responsible enough to join the site for your own safety.

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Five Reasons to Seek Couple Therapy

Often misunderstood, couple therapy sessions can breathe life back into dying relationships. Here are some reasons why…
There will be a natural ebb and flow to long-term relationships, but the health of this union is vital for the mental wellbeing of those involved, and being proactive here can have effects that extend beyond the relationship itself. 
Many people are put off by the very idea of marriage counselling, because of their assumptions about what it represents. However, these sessions can be vital for maintaining a relationship and to keep it working long into the future. Here are some of the advantages to couple therapy.


Communication is vital for a relationship to work effectively in the long-term, but this does not mean that individuals are, despite their best intentions, are all good at it. 
Frustration can be exhibited by constant criticism, open contempt, continual defensiveness or a complete refusal to speak. Life may also just start getting in the way, with the responsibilities of a busy career and children taking time and energy away from 'couple time'. 
Couple therapy sessions offer a window where both sides can focus completely on this part of their life.


Partners are often not completely open to each other about what they need from each other emotionally, physically and in terms of their joint lifestyle, and this can cause problems for the relationship.  And, while the assumption is that men are worse at communicating than women, the reality is that men and women both desire honest and regular communication, regardless of their abilities. 
Couple counselling is a great way to force both sides out of their shell and to learn more about each other and this can build the trust necessary for these close relationships to work.

Lifestyle Changes

Events like marriage, child birth, health issues, moving away from friendship groups and the like, put a huge strain on a relationship and can push couples away from each other. Couple therapy is designed to force both sides to open up about their feelings here and these sessions can allow the relationship to navigate through these pitfalls and put them back on track.


Resentment is a powerful emotion that, if not addressed, can have a destructive effect on the relationship. Couple therapy is designed to address sentiments like this, and to dig down beneath it to find the root of this problem. The symptom itself can sometimes be very straightforward, but unless it is discussed, problems in the relationship cannot be treated.

Intimacy Issues 

When couples have been together for a long time, physical and emotional intimacy can slide away next to other priorities. If this is not an issue to both parties then this is not something to worry about, but it can often be a result of underlying psychological issues within the relationship that couple therapy can identify and treat.

Seek Help Before It’s Too Late

The preconceptions about couple’s therapy often mean that couples leave it far too late before starting this process. Leaving it until the relationship is at breaking point means that the work of the councillor and the two in the couple is seriously difficult and, as such, couples should start this process as soon as they see a problem arising. Check out companies such as Equilibrium.
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Keeping your Long Distance Relationship Alive

Just because you’re in a long distance relationship does not mean that you can’t keep your love alive. You can still be as romantic and date each other just as much as when you were together. All you need to do is to be a bit creative and romantic when you work your way to keep your love life exciting. Read on to find out some exciting and interesting dating ideas for long distance relationship:

Get Creative with Skype Dates

Thanks to the internet, lovers no longer need to be bogged down with snail mails and inflated phone bills. You can now do a whole lot of things via video chats like coming up with a theme night for instance on Skype. You could also try and organize an ice cream party or enjoy a movie night or cook each others favorite meals, all of which are excellent ways to spend away those lonely nights.

Try Out an Even-Trip Exchange

While you are away from each other, chances are that you and your partner will be visiting each other quite frequently. While doing this, it is vital that you make these trips even to avoid a resentful partner. For this purpose, you could ensure that each partner in a relationship takes turns to visit each other in their respective cities to make room for more love. This makes sure that each of you is taking equal efforts to keep the relationship going, instead of one partner who does the traveling all the time.

Quit Taking Things to Heart

You must be prepared to accept the fact that things will definitely get in the way, so keep your mind ready. It is vital that each of you must be as understanding and flexible as possible in order to accommodate each others emotions and feelings. This is very important as both of you stay separately and maintain your lives in your separate cities.

Game Night

Setting up a game night is fun and exciting where you can have lots of board games to enjoy. While it can keep up the fun by either competing against each other or working together, you can get as creative as you can. With the availability of plenty of online versions of famous games, technology is now catering to these needs, enabling more and more couples to indulge themselves extravagantly.

There are a ton of great date ideas for a long distance relationship out there if a couple is creative enough to discover them. Just because two people are separated by a significant distance does not mean they cannot have dates. In fact, the types of dates mentioned could help a couple grow closer to each other than they would if they went on normal dates with people that live close to them.

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Why Men Pull Away – And What To Do About It

Why Do Men Pull Away? It has probably happened to every woman at some time, you are dating a guy and things seem to be going well but then he starts to pull away. It’s difficult to understand why a man starts to become distant in a relationship that seems like it was on the right track. I would like to briefly discuss why this phenomenon occurs and what you should do about it when it does.

There are a lot of reasons why men pull away. Sometimes you just get together with the wrong guy; a guy who is just looking to hook up but is not looking for a serious relationship. Other times, you’ve been dating for a while and things seem to be going well but then he doesn’t call as often. It’s possible that you are dating a guy who is afraid of commitment and starts to get nervous when things get a little too serious. Another possibility is that your man is actually falling in love with you but he’s having a difficult time figuring out his feelings and needs a little time to himself to figure out what’s going on.

If you are dating a man and he does start to pull away, it’s not always easy to know what the reason is. You could ask him if something is wrong but if he is pulling away because he needs a little time to himself, you certainly don’t want to start nagging him about why he doesn’t call anymore. When your man pulls away it is no time to start freaking out or picking a fight about why he is neglecting you. The right thing to do is to give him the space he needs and if he is falling for you, it won’t be long before he comes back.

There’s an old saying that goes something like this; if you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it never was. This is true when you are dating a man. If he starts to pull away, give him the space he needs. If he doesn’t come back, the relationship was never going to work out anyway. If he does come back, it is because he has serious feelings for you and he is ready to take the relationship to the next level.

Is he not texting you back? This could be one of the tell tale signs that he is pulling away.

Update: Let’s talk about some more reasons why men pull away.

How many times have your dated a man and everything seemed to be perfect. You guys spend every lasting second together. You talk about the future and start making serious plans together. Things like getting married, buying a house, or even having baby. And then all of the sudden things change. He starts distancing himself and pulling away. Unfortunately, this happens more times than not. The one thing you must understand his men get pressured just as easy has women do. And believe it or not men hate confrontation and will pull away to make it easier for them to get out the situation.

reasons why men pull away

If this has happened to you, ask yourself..have you been crowding him. All the talk about the future and getting married and having a baby is a lot to deal with. So if your man is starting to pull away this may be the root cause. In order to keep this from happening you need to make sure you give him some space. Try not to be pushy and make decisions for him. Let him answer for his own self and even if you don’t like his answers, support him anyways. So bottom line, be cautious of smothering him and your risk of him pulling away is much less.

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Reason Why Men Pull Way #2:

Another reason men typically pull away is relationship complacency. What happens is a relationship is great in the beginning. Both parties are learning new and exciting things about each other. However, after the relationship ages a little bit, they couple tends to get comfortable with each other and even the exciting things are now routine.

What to do about it:

It’s so important for couples to make a strong effort to keep some sort of spontaneity in the relationship. It’s should be equally important for each party to try and do something extra special for the other on a frequent basis. My advice would be to set out one night a week or weekend to do something different. Although, having a nice dinner out at nice restaurant is always romantic, try doing something you have never done before or something you like to do with each that you don’t get to do often.

Here are some good suggestions:

spend weekend at a beach resort
hot air balloon ride
rock climbing
go camping
go ice skating
tickets to pro sporting event (basketball, baseball, hockey) – he will love you for this:)

I’m sure you can be creative and think of something wonderful he would like to do. Relationships require work. Some more than others. But if you find your man starting to pull away, it’s time to re-evaluate your situation and get him see .why he fell in love with you in the first place

How To Make A Man Understand You Love Him

Are you feeling like your man doesn’t really understand how much you love him? If you have been in a relationship for some time you my find that you and your husband or boyfriend have become somewhat complacent.

This is typical of most couples who have been in long term relationships. Essentially what happens is the couple start the relationship off by having fun and exciting times. Either they get married or move in together. After a few months all the simple exciting things become routine. You become complacent with your relationship.

For many women it’s important that their man still gives them the attention they want and deserve. However, it’s not always the mans fault. Most of the time both parties are at fault for letting the relationship go stale. And like you, they think that their man pulling away and doesn’t love them anymore.

So if you are wanting your man to understand that you still love him more than ever you need to tell him. Explain to him that you feel like things are getting stale and you want him to stay interested in the relationship.

However, actions are louder than words. If you want to show him you still love you need to set yourself apart by doing some creative and nice things for him. Set out some time to cook him dinner more. Start dressing a little sexier more often than you have been.
Once he sees that you are making an attempt to keep the relationship exciting, he is going to reciprocate and start doing nice things for you.

It’s really the little things that make men appreciate you more. It wouldn’t hurt to maybe spice things up in the bedroom as well. Maybe spend some more time pleasing him in certain areas and let him know how attracted you are to him and how much he turns you on. Men love this. It makes them feel good about themselves and ultimate he does what he can to make you feel good about yourself. So it’s a win, win situation.

If you are still having trouble getting your mans total attention and showing him that you love him, check out this video. It’s will give you some free advice on how to gain your man’s total devotion without being aggressive or pushy. Let me know what you think?

Win My Husband Back

The fact that you want to win your husband back really tells how much you love him. It’s always a sad story when a husband and wife decide to separate when in most cases it could have been prevented with a little outside help. If the couple still loves each but can’t see eye to eye then there is real hope for them getting back together.

The thing is when a husband decides to leave his wife it’s usually not because of one particular reason. Normally it’s an accumulation of things that have been building up over time. But that’s okay because when you decided that you want your husband back you have essentially come to the realization that you are ready to do whatever it takes to make him want you again.

Really, the first thing you want to do is start making him notice you again. My point is he once fell in love you because you where attracted to him. Unfortunately, as relationships and marriages age, complacency starts to set in. You see each other every single day so there is no newness left in the marriage. It’s important that when you are trying to get your husband back that you remember why he fell in love with you in the first place.

Simple things like dressing nicer, wearing sexy clothes around him will spark his attention. If you do this enough this is going to put a lot of thoughts in his mind. He will soon start remembering how attractive and beautiful you where when you first met.

Next, show him that you are not opposed to giving him some space. That you are okay with going out with the girls for a few drinks. I’m not really saying play the “hard to get” game. But there is this weird thing about men when their women is out doing fun things without them. Even though you may be separated at the time, trust me he doesn’t want you out painting the town, especially looking all sexy.

Now at this point you have captured his attention again. Now is a good time to let him know that you still love him and are willing to do what it takes to make the marriage work. You are ready to do some serious compromising to make him happy. It’s important however for you not to beg. You still want to keep him thinking seconds thoughts about letting you go. If you beg, he now realizes that he can have you anytime he wants. This could open up a whole new can of worms.

It’s really opposite of what you would initially think. You will actually make more progress getting your husband back by doing it in a slow, meticulous way versus just throwing yourself at him and begging for him to return.

Bottom line: Men often want what they can’t have. So if you show him signs of being okay with you and him being separated, he is not going to like that. You will get him back much quicker this way. The important part to know is when he makes that move to come back, make sure you are ready to handle it the right way. This is your chance to really reflect on where everything when wrong and make sure you address it so it doesn’t happen again. If you fell in love once the chances are you can fall in love again.

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How To Make My Man Interested In Me

Well let me first say that your man probably would not be with you if he wasn’t interested. However, relationships that have aged over a period of time tend to fall into complacency. The women start doing their own things and the men do the same.

Relationships and especially marriage is not easy. Complacency is the one common problem most long term relationships face. You see each other every day. You have the same routines. It probably goes something like this. You wake up in the morning, get dressed, kiss each other good by, and head off to work. Both of you come home after work. You either cook dinner or you order pizza. You watch a little tv and off to bed you go just to do the same ole’ thing the very next day.

There is nothing wrong with this. This is what 99% of marriages deal with every day. Most who do this along with throwing kids into the mix. Then your off after work running the kids around to practice which takes away even more time from your spouse.

The key to killing the complacency lies within you. The definition of “insanity” is someone doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results. The only person who can change this is you and your spouse.

So what are some things to get your man interested in you again to stop the madness. The first thing you need to do is something different like I mentioned before. For example try this. Leave work early one day and when you get home cook dinner and then get cleaned up and put on something sexy. So when he walks in the door you are there ready to eat and then have some fun afterwards.

This is the kind of thing that will shock him. He is so used to you coming home, probably complaining that your tired and you have sex maybe once a week.

It’s something simple like planning out an evening that will get his attention and start being interested in you again like he was when he first met you.

You’ll also want to make sure your appearance is up to par. Things like dressing nicer and making frequent visits to the dentist office.

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Ways To Make My Man Love Me More

I’m sure your man loves you more than you think. Although all men have a lot of the same characteristics, do realize men are different in many ways. Some men are affectionate and some are not. This is especially hard when a women starts a new relationship and he is totally different when it comes to the simple things.

Your ex may have been very touchy, feely. He may have expressed himself physically. And your new man isn’t that way. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you or doesn’t love. It just means that he handles his emotions in a different way then what you are used to.

So what are some ways you can get your man to be more affectionate and show you he loves you more? The first thing you can do is tell him how you feel. This is probably the most effective way to get your feelings across. Let him know that you want you want a little reassurance every now and then. It would make you feel better about your relationship.

The key to this is not to be to pushy. Don’t get mad at him if he gets defensive and tells you that he does tell you and show you he loves you but you just want it all the time. Respect his wishes and don’t cause an argument over it. Especially if you really care about him.

Try to show him more that you love him by doing more of the little things. Simple things like having dinner ready when he gets home. You might be one of those couples that eat out every night and don’t cook. There is something about a wife cooking for her man. Men love this.

Maybe make one night of sex all about him. Spice things up in the bedroom a little bit more by getting out of your comfort zone. Men find this very attractive when their women goes over and above the norm to please him.

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